These days you can find a dj in every corner of the globe but a lot of them don't know what it takes to be a dj let alone the history. Born on december 20th Francisco Barbosa Jr had music in his blood from the beginning. Not just a fan but Fingaz became a student of music. Exploring the Great artist and music before his time really matured his skills and separated him from the rest. Although He is know for being a DJ, Fingaz started out writing his own raps and had a desire to compose beats. Show casing his lyrical talent and beat boxing skills to his classmates was the highlight of his days. No he was not an A & B student but he always seem to exile in his music classes since day one. Being inspired by the late Great Michael Jackson Fingaz never settled for less and always wanted to go above and beyond in anything he touched. As he got older he was introduced to the art of DJing By his Late Great Uncle Pedro Barbosa. To see how playing a song can control a crowd of people intrigued him and at the age of 11 the Dj in him was born.

Fingaz started a DJ group with his cousin Jnyc calling them selfs JJP and from that point on they never looked back. Being so diverse in his choice of music Fingaz was Djing all kinds of partys from his native Cape Verdean Music to Latin, Portuguese, Top 40, Pop, Hip Hop, House, 70's 80's 90's and much more, he began to stand out from the crowd. Young, Multi-Talented, ambitious, ect Fingaz had the makings of a Star. Mastering the art of Mixing at a young age it left a big window for Fingaz explore his creativity with his remixing and Making Party Breaks. Not letting his age affect how serious people took him he began turning heads and recognized by The big named Djs and Promoters in the entertainment and Club seen. Starting JJP today it is one of hottest dj crews in the east coast and is quickly beginning to be a house hold name. Being one of the youngest djs to rock the Hottest Clubs in Boston and the surrounding areas Fingaz is heading in the right direction.

Now or day Fingaz is known for his mixtapes, remixes, and his ability to Dj and rock the mic while he mixes. not losing his routes Fingaz still writes and is planning to take it further. Also fingaz has begun to make a name for him self as a producer. From taking production classes to teaching him self how to play instruments there is no limit to the title you give him. DJ PRODUCER WRITER INNOVATOR only at the age of 22 he keeps adding on to the list. The Journey has only begun for him. Staying Humble and true to his morals Fingaz is well liked and favored. There is so much more to his story wether its good bad happy or sad he wants to live his life and his story through the emotion in his music and material he puts out. You can find fingaz in the studio working day and night and theres no stopping him. STAY TUNED AND KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR FINGAZ IN A RADIO, CLUB, CD PLAYER, or IPOD near you.



Instagram: FingazLiveJjp

Facebook: Dj Fingaz