DJ Hectik is from Cambridge, Ma. He started deejaying at the age of 13 After taking a trip to Puerto Rico and accompanying his older cousin to Clubs and parties he would spin at. When he returned back home he Worked hard to get funds to buy his first DJ set-up. After long hours practicing his craft, Hectik began mixing CDs and looping beats for local artist, his next move was deejaying his elementary school parties and local jams. The feeling of controlling and amping a crowd was his greatest feeling and that’s when he decided that entertaining people was what he wanted to succeed at. Hectik enjoys mixing and scratching records, but his love for The music is what separates him from other DJs. As his skills grew over the years and he realized that playing Baseball was not his future While attending Suffolk University, he decided to produce his own mix CD series, “Getting Hectik” in Oct. of 2003. “I decided to do this Because I grew up in the mixtape era, I loved listening to Tony Touch And Doo Wop, but I was influenced more by the local DJs. I would watch And listen to DJ Elliot Ness, who took me under his wing and taught me so many new techniques, other locals such as DJ Lus, DJ Master Millions, and Roy Barbosa helped me the most and still do till this day”. His decision to break into the Mixtape scene was a huge success and he received a lot of positive feedback so of course he had to drop Vol.2 in Mar. of 2004. Vol.2 opened the doors to numerous opportunities that Would come to fulfill his dreams with music and it was then that he Began taking his music career very seriously at the age 19. DJ Hectik has had the chance to be the opening act for major Hip-Hop and Dancehall artists such as Young Gunners, Grafh, Tony Touch, Mobb Deep, T.O.K, Mr. Easy and many more. Now you can find Hectik smashing local night clubs, college parties, and college radio while continuing to make noise in the mixtape game. As Wild Boy from Hot 97.7 quoted about Hectik, “The Future is here so watch out”.



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